10 Reasons Companies Should Use a RPO

Many organizations wonder about the merits of hiring somebody else to do something that they can do themselves. We’ll answer that question with some of our own: Why do you go to restaurants when you can cook your own food? Or to a doctor when you’ve got WebMD a few clicks away?

There are people who have dedicated their lives to specific practices, and even when we think we know what to do, we consult them because they are experts. That’s exactly the same reason you would hire an RPO, recruitment process outsourcing. RPO companies eat, sleep and breathe human resource management. They have done it long enough to narrow the process down to a science. If you’re still not convinced, read on to understand why you should hire them instead of doing your own recruiting.

1.They have hundreds of suitable candidates in their databases
Most of these candidates may not know about your company, let alone a job posting you have placed on the internet. RPO providers flourish on building relationships with both active and passive job-seekers, one of whom could be the exact match for the post that you’re advertising. Without their invaluable connection, you could miss out on talent that would change your organization.

2.Proper recruitment is demanding
It takes time and effort to get the right people into your company. You, on the other hand, already have a job that takes up most of your work-day. Instead of doing things like night sourcing or asking other employees to do the job, simply hire a professional recruiter and get all that needs doing done properly. Focus on what you’re good at, running the company/business.

3.Allows you to focus in your current staff
The key to a successful business in unerring focus on the development and maintenance of your current workforce. This may temporarily be more important than finding a new employee, since you wouldn’t want them to feel neglected and leave. That’s why you leave staffing to the professionals, and simply take care of the people you already have.

4.They are the experts!
We’ve said that in many words, but it deserves a point of its own. RPO companies have years of experience in recruiting for companies of all sizes and in all fields. They understand details of screening, interviewing and finally hiring candidates that you can only imagine. Choosing a good RPO provider will take away the finger-crossing and guesswork from your hiring process.

5.Sometimes RPOs specialize in certain fields
Occasionally, you may need to fill a crazily specific job position, and need more than just regular sourcing services from an RPO. You can always find a service provider with industry expertise, who will know exactly what questions to ask and where to go to get your candidate of choice into the job. They understand exactly what you are looking for, and can find that person easier and faster than you can.

6.You have a guarantee
Most recruitment services providers will offer some form of guarantee for the employee that they source for you. Therefore, if it doesn’t work out for any reason, you’re still protected. What’s more, it’s in their best interest to connect you with the right and best people, because their business relies on referrals from satisfied customers. They cannot afford the bad publicity.

7.It saves you money
Leaving a position unfilled for long before you have time to go through the hiring process is costly to your organization’s productivity. Hiring the wrong person is even more so. Using professional recruitment is an investment that will give results and do so within your deadlines. You don’t have to burden your current staff with another person’s job, or allow the slack to build up.

8.It’s about more than just qualified candidates
Your relationship with the RPO provider is a partnership of sorts, and can help you when you need a position filled up even temporarily and quickly. What’s more as human resource and industry experts, they can give you valuable advice on management, salaries and marketing trends that could give you an edge over your competitors. It’s their job to know these things, so why not use what they know to improve your own business?

9.Hire confidentially
There are many end to end recruitment firms, and they won’t reveal your organization’s details on the Internet when posting ads to source candidates. Using them allows you to maintain your confidentiality, especially as relates to your competition.

10.They are passionate about recruitment
From recruitment for a small startup to International RPO for huge companies, these people are passionate about their practice, and leverage their time, effort, resources and industry experience and expertise for the client. It’s a fully dedicated job that can be done best by those who know why they are doing it.

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