Dispelling Myths about RPO

fact-myth- RPOThe RPO industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds at the compound annual growth rate of 18 percent in the next three years, reveals the TechnNavio report. In fact, there is a heightened awareness about RPO and its incredible benefits among the leading businesses in the world today. However, many struggling business fail to leverage on this great solution. Unfortunately, there is a cloud of suspicion and doubts about RPO hovering over their minds. Ignorance is not always bliss; it can be costly in this case. This article aims are dispelling the popular false notions regarding the RPO industry.

Myth 1#: RPO is just another staffing firm

RPOs and staffing agencies play roles that are quite different from each other. Staffing companies only assist organizations fill up positions, whereas an RPO unit takes charge of the complete recruitment function of the organization. Companies can consult with and find collaborative solutions with a recruitment process outsourcing agency. Steven R Cover, the renowned author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, once said, “I am convinced that although training and development are important, recruitment and selection are much more important.” There is a lot of truth to what this successful person knew. An RPO is founded on this very understanding-to provide potential recruits to its clientele. It is interesting to know that joining hands with an RPO is much economical than paying a staffing agency on per recruitment basis.

Myth 2#: An RPO replaces the company’s HR

An RPO has “relationship building” and “partnering” at the core of its being. The RPO liases with the Human Resource team of the organization to understand the requirement accurately. This ensures time is not wasted and best results are guaranteed always.  Constant conversation with the RPO will help the HR team understand the culture of the organization. The RPO will in turn look for those desirable traits in the candidature. This way both the candidate as well as the organization will be comfortable and business will be on wheels always. Remember, skills alone are not enough, the attitude a person carries into the organization can either make or break it.

Myth 3#: RPO is purely marketing gimmick

Many people have a misconception that an RPO cannot attract the right set of talent to the organization and that an in-house corporate recruitment team is sufficient. The truth is these organizations have not enjoyed the optimum fruits primarily because of the recruitment quality. Ultimately, it is the employees who build the organization. If they are mediocre, it will reflect on the company’s performance. The RPO industry prides in a successful track record of sourcing and placing the best in the talent market. In-house recruitment team is often understaffed and meeting the rising demands is not easy for them. Collaboration with an RPO will open avenues to possibilities of leveraging on the best of technology and processes to attract the right skills. The additional benefits of RPO gives it an upper hand over the tradition internal recruitment team and a staffing agency.

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