Introduction to Recruitment Processing Outsourcing

Recruitment-Process-Outsourcing-MarketRPO simply stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It is more than data entry and managing candidates’ enquiries. A good RPO provider will offer solution in the areas of recruitments, technology, and systematic process.  Most companies are collaborating with RPO agencies for reasons beyond temporary staffing providence. There’s more to an RPO than just fill up positions and hand out offer letters.

Types of RPO Working Models

Recruitment process outsourcing is the new buzz word in organizations across the globe. These units function as an internal recruitment team for the company. Typically, these deployment work on either of these three models: completely outsources, project-wise needs, or a mixture of both. The fully-outsourced RPO units manage end-to-end recruitment functions and solutions. There are some organizations who seek assistance from an RPO unit for a specific project that is time bound. It could be need-based, especially when there is a desperate search for multiple talents required for certain urgent business demands. Lack of geographical coverage is another reason organizations join hands with RPOs.

End-to-end Professional Services

A series of meaningful roles are performed by these collaborative agencies. It includes forecasting the possible need for a talent, being prepared for a sudden vacancy, advertising those vacancies, attracting pertinent talents, keeping a tab on the professional social media and job portals, evaluation applications, shortlisting the best, lining up interviews, coordinating with the internal human resource team, background check of the candidates, conducting the candidates’ psychometric assessments, and ensuring the right candidate is placed in the organization.

Value for Money

To have a dedicated team for all the above mentioned recruitment process and ensure seamless and flawless execution is a humungous task. Having a highly qualified and efficient team is surely going to cost the organization a huge sizable chunk of money. When an external RPO unit can do the same work and less than half that price, why carry an avoidable burden into your business journey? The RPO agencies harness and use the best technological tools available in the market to ensure the right candidate fills up the vacancy. The experienced RPO units have a ready reckoner for most job requirements. This saves effort and the waiting period is shortened. Needless to say, hiring a RPO unit is a boon to organizations, both great and small.

Assured Results

It has been observed that when an RPO agency is involved, the quality of hires is much higher and credible. The efficient team ensures they understand the exact needs of the organization, both in terms of the quality of hires and the right fit for the organization. What’s more, the able team becomes the company’s brand ambassador on the virtual world. They make their presence felt in every nook and corner of the Web World and ensure a positive image about the organization. There is transparency in the way they will deal with sundry tasks. These recruitment processing outsourcing is a common concept in most developed and developing nations. It is therefore wise to leverage on this great boon for recruitment solutions.

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