RPO and Proven Case Studies


RPO is the new buzzword in the industry circles today. Irrespective of business and size, everyone is seeking more information on how an RPO can provide impetus to their growing businesses. Needless to say, everyone who hires a quality RPO company is reaping fruits.
Case Study 1
To understand the benefits of hiring RPO, one must be aware of a few case studies that strongly demonstrates the power of a Recruitment Process Outsourcing unit. A renowned American media agency with offices across 20 countries intended to minimize its dependency on third-party agencies for onboarding potential talent. The media house went ahead to experiment with an RPO unit. A media agency always yearns for creativity and actively seeks fresh talent to stay ahead of the curve. The RPO unit met the media client to understand its employee value proposition, offerings, mission, and belief
systems. This helped the RPO Company to tailor-make solutions for this agency based on their specific requirements. And the result: over 500 employees are hired per year. Invariably, every manager expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the hires. The RPO unit expedited the entire process, which helped the clients spend little time on the hiring process. It approximately took a month to close positions.
Case Study 2
Another 4-billion-dollar company with its presence across 130 countries sought help from a reputed RPO unit that helped the client save a whopping rupees 1 million agency fee savings. The time-to-hire has been decreased by over 50 percent. Not only that, the client was able to save a huge chunk of money too! A Canadian-based FMCG company was determined to take their business to a new level. The core issue at hand was the high retention. The FMCG company too hired a dedicated service provider. The service provider will provide a lead time, a clear plan, and absolutely great results. They too were able to impress their customers with the most quality products. The best part is that this Canadian FMCG has experienced very few retentions.
The Conclusion
The RPO companies are thriving and their dependency has slowly moved from an in-house team to a dedicated group of experts forming an RPP. The case studies are compelling reasons for any agencies to trust and rely on a professional service provider. It is a common practice in the West, and the trend is slowly catching up in the remaining part of the world. With overhead cost and the basic expenses of a modern-day organization getting saved, the companies are totally convinced that RPO is the best solution for all business people.

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