RPO – The Essential Business Partner?

KRPOThe talent market has grown increasingly complex and the expectations from employers are also fast changing. The job market is volatile and over 70 percent of employers are seeking dynamic profiles. The culture of freelance work and upgrades in technology has added to the complexity. Moreover, the practice of using social media, analytic tools, Artificial Intelligence, and robotics to hunt for the best talent has become a trend. It has therefore become an indispensable task for employers to constantly stay ahead of the curve. Every delayed hour means losing the opportunity to engage with a potential talent. This would also mean that the organization will be crippled without the key employee/s. As a result, the RPOs are gaining importance in today's recruitment context.

RPO and Its Capabilities
Recruitment Processing Outsourcing units add a tremendous boost to your hiring processes. The technology-driven RPO units study the analytics and assess the timeline for placing a candidate at a particular job role. The caliber of such candidates and the candidate pool available are seriously considered. This also helps the RPOs understand the various impediments to hiring. The experienced RPO units have a systematic approach and work towards offering real-time updates on the status of the vacancies. The real-time metrics will also provide a fair idea on the time and resources spent for a particular candidate hunt and the estimated ROI on closing the position. Advanced RPO units analyze Big Data and ensure the hiring processes are streamlined. It is quintessential today to be able to position the organization in a way that will attract and retain the attention of the potential candidates. The best RPO units will know exactly how to tap on reach them. Personalization, employee referral schemes and other innovative ways are implemented to onboard highly sought candidate profiles.

Employers’ Expectations
Every employer would like to have a clarity and the process in which a particular position would be closed. And an RPO would be able to offer that. Flexibility with hiring numbers, period, and process is another area that employers would like to have at their disposal. And only a good RPO will be able to provide that assurance. The RPOs usually have a pool of ready potential candidates that could be considered for immediate placements.

The Perks of Working with RPOs
RPO units are great time and energy savers. The organization will be able to focus on other important area in the business than wasting precious hours on vain candidate hunt. Just a phone call and the dedicated RPO team works toward achieving it.

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