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Dedicated Sourcing Specialist

KRPO boasts of a Dedicated Scouring Specialist who canvasses online portals, job boards, internal databases, LinkedIn, and many other sources for recruit-worthy profiles. Your time zone will be considered to provide these services along with specific needs for all designations within the organization.

  • A Dedicated Scouring Agent for every account
  • More than 3.5 years of experience
  • Work shifts as per US timing
  • At least three job orders executed on a daily basis
  • Profile sourcing from top notch job boards (Dice, Career Builder, Monster, Net-Temps, Ladders, Jobs Circle, Indeed, Google, Internal Database-30 Lakh Resumes etc.)
  • 40 Resumes and more per day depending on order line ups
  • 200 Resumes and more per day depending on order line ups

Finding qualified candidates that align with your work doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. If you are having a hard time, trying to find someone with the right qualifications, striking credentials and a work experience that is quite impressive, we are the right people to reach out to.

Once you give us the requirements for the position in question, we will intensively study your organizational needs and the existing recruitment process. We have a wide base of candidates in our databases but we will also use social media networking sites, job portals and employee referrals to get the most talented and highly qualified talent for you.

With our top notch sourcing tools, we have the power to bring the most qualified candidates right to your doorstep. Our sourcing specialist ensures that all sourced candidates undergo candidate screening even before our mandatory CV screening process. It is our job to help you find the ideal candidate, so, through our dedicated and die hard sourcing agents, we will be the best candidate pipeline just for you.

Our candidate sourcing strategies are designed to fit different professional categories and targeted profiles so that the highly qualified candidates can be found from their passive or active talent pools. Through our dedicated sourcing resources, a sustaining technological support system and our sourcing expertise, we have been a successful sourcing site for years. You can trust us to do the research and source the best candidates for you. It is our responsibility as recruitment professionals to help you put your vacancy out there. Therefore, by using common keywords that candidates are likely to use, we offer both free and premium sourcing database for candidates.

Our professional candidate sourcing strategies also implies that we search for potential candidates in every probable candidate channel and all potential niches on the internet. We have also gone out of our way to identify candidates by using social networks. By networking will the right profiles to influence professional networking sites like LinkedIn; we have the data sourcing power resulting to comprehensive candidate line up just for you.

Also, owing to the fact that head hunting has become one of the most recognized processes in the recruitment industry, we are more than determined to find top talent that is right for your niche. Not everyone has the head hunting skills, but as for us, we possess the perfect sourcers head hunting skills.

Let us help build a workforce that will be the organisation's strength and help it to scale new heights.

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