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  • member

    I contacted KRPO after many failed attempts with few leading RPO companies. I thought the promises made by KRPO may be false promises like other RPO companies does.But after working with KRPO for last six months, KRPO proved that they are one among few good ones. The recruiters we dealing with KRPO are totally professional.They work diligently to find right resources with in limited time.

    The quality of our resume submissions to our clients has improved a lot.We are planning to increase number of recruiters from KRPO in coming months.Thank you very much Partner.

    CEO - Leading Staffing Firm
  • member

    KRPO has become a very valuable asset. Our firm has three lines of business, each with a high degree of complexity, mainly involving predictive modeling for digital, CRM, and consumer credit. We had tried other firms, but with little success. What made KRPO different was their willingness to provide us direct access to a recruiter that we would be able to train specifically for our needs. We established a 1-1 relationship between our Lead Researcher and the KRPO recruiter, and were able to train and have the recruiter productive in a short period of time. The turnaround time is excellent, and the results are usually spot on.

    We have weekly meeting with our KRPO account manager meet weekly to discuss upcoming work, and the account management team at KRPO has been very responsive. We have made placements with candidates sourced by KRPO, and they are invaluable in helping us add viable candidates to our database. I highly recommend them.

    Co-Founder and CEO - Staffing Firm
  • member

    In spite of our apprehension of hiring RPO services, KRPO has laid to rest all doubts with its great team and approach. The recruiters we deal with on a daily basis have been smart, sincere, hardworking and most of all were quick to adapt to our way of working. Although our requirements have been the toughest ever, they have always excelled and out performing each time. This is true from the ground up from the recruiters to the management that takes the time to understand and then adapt very quickly. More over the emphasis put on structure and quality is immense and that translates in the excellence they achieve with each recruiter each day.

    Hats off to a great job so far and to a bright future.

    Director - Staffing Firm
  • member

    Recruitment is more proactive, planned, strategic and lucrative in terms of candidate pool and selection.I would highly recommend would recommend their services to our other suppliers if they are looking to centralize their recruitment operation, in an effective and well organized manner.

    VP in Service Delivery Staffing Firm
  • member

    The candidates provided to us by KRPO have been the most technically qualified and the best cultural fit of any recruitment service we've used. They have invested countless hours working with us in understanding our culture and needs. With this investment, they learned what we are all about and what type of candidates will succeed in our environment.

    Executive Vice President - Staffing Firm
  • member

    Overall KRPO have helped us to reduce recruitment costs. They work quickly on the requirements and forward qualifying candidates in timely fashion. They also add value by targeting candidates online and assisting with problematic vacancies. We are very pleased with their services to help us fulfill our client requirements.

    Managing Director Operations - Staffing Firm

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