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Delivering quality work on time is a benchmark KRPO never compromises on. The KRPO team is equipped to handle all recruitment and hiring needs. The team is trained to follow all industry specific standards so that the client remains in the loop at every step of the way. All paper work is handled efficiently which enables the client to have a detailed report on the project status.

Exclusive Services:

  • Quick turnaround time for resume submissions
  • Various Job Boards to conduct qualified searches
  • Availability of Dedicated Recruiters
  • Review calls every week to ensure quality
  • KRPO's solutions guarantee 50% reduction in recruitment expenses. With KRPO at the helm, you can pay greater attention to core organizational activities. KRPO's flexible work hours and customized RPO solutions ensure a streamlined recruitment process. Access to thousands of pre-qualified resumes, sign-up incentives, trial period, an excellent track record of candidate placements, customer-oriented service from recruiters, complete and customized reports on recruitment processes have helped us build lasting relationships with existing clients.

  • KRPO has established itself as a leading RPO firm through the hard work and dedication of its team. All our efforts are driven towards ensuring that our clients are satisfied and get value for their money. Our efforts have ensured that KRPO remains a one-stop shop for all our clients' recruitment needs.

How different are our candidates?

Through diversity recruitment, we research and source for candidates from the largest human resource pool, we will filter and get you the best candidates for the task at hand. The incorporation of blended recruitment makes it possible for us to use social media platforms such as linked in for the best candidates.
We will then thoroughly vet these candidates, separating the chaff and offering you the finest person to run and improve your business brand.
Trained Candidates: recently, we have gone into strategic recruitment whereby we train our candidates on the most essential skills needed in the job market. This means that when you need a new employee, we’ll have one trained to do exactly what you prefer. Also, after the recruitment process is done, candidates get the chance to be trained new strategies and methodologies of running operations more efficiently.

Our Costs

We will charge you affordable rates because we enjoy economies of scale. We also don’t like when you hire wrong people to work for you and are willing to give you the best at the most affordable rates. As a result, the high recruitment overhead costs are cut down by the incorporation of RPOs. The processes involved in sourcing for candidates, researching, scanning the resumes, calling for interviews, interviewing and coordination plus training are not only time consuming but will cost more for your company in terms of overheads. You should therefore consider enterprise recruitment.


Support Staff

There are very smart, hardworking and innovating specialists working behind the scenes to get you the best human resource. Human skills and technological capabilities are incorporated in giving you the nest candidates. There also are offshore recruitment personnel that are borough in to effectively select the best persons for your company.

Professional fields covered

Unlike many other recruiters, we do not focus on one line of business when looking for candidates to work for you. We cut across all sectors and fields of the economy with our specialists undertaking selection processes. They know the skills you need, whichever your line of work and endeavor to give you a valuable member to your staff.

Let us help build a workforce that will be the organisation's strength and help it to scale new heights.

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